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June 7th, AD 2013

The meeting this month is not scheduled.
Next meeting TBD.

Welcome to The Washington Jural Society Website

We, The People, are the Jural Society. We are not a political party, but rather a political body.

Jural /jurel/. Pertaining to natural of positive right, or to the doctrines of rights and obligations; as "jural relations." Of or pertaining to jurisprudence; juristic; juridical. Recognized or sanctioned by positive law; embraced within, or covered by, the rules and enactments of positive law. Founded in law; organized upon the basis of a fundamental law; and existing for the recognition and protection of rights. Black's Law, 6th Edition.

The term "jural society" is used as the synonym of "state" or "organized political community." Black's Law, 6th Edition.

Our Purpose and Goal

The Washington Jural Society is dedicated to informing Our State and ultimately Our Country of the truth regarding Law and legal matters. Of critical importance is to expose the truth of Washington's original and only Constitution; To educate The People of Washington about Our true history, so We may return to a lawful government that truely represents The People. Our purpose and goal is liberty, by learning to become sovereign electors and the process of electing lawful government officers.